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“We should be proud, we tried to the end. They are mistakes that we want to correct in the future because we want to get to a final. We are sad because it could have been a nice night, but at the same time we are happy with the hard work that the team did, that the club did and for the support of the fans who were with us all the way despite the bad result in the first left. We’re disappointed to not have done it but we were very close (…) We have to thank the fans. It felt like the fans believed. We saw the great support from the moment we arrived at the stadium. They made us feel that it was possible. We were very close to doing it. We needed a few more minutes. I know it was a hard night, because it is the third year in-a-row that we have gone out in the semi-finals, but we should be proud and I think the fans will go home satisfied with what they have seen from their team.” - Xabi Alonso (video) | 30-04-13 

Xabi Alonso speaking about Istanbul on LFC’s bus parade in 2005

Xabi Alonso talking about Steven Gerrard. 

He is so inspirational. In the key moments he has that different thing, that spark that is difficult to define. He has achieved great things and in very important moments, he has been the man for Liverpool. We had great European nights and he was the main man. He’ll absolutely be remembered as one of the greats. For me he is already one of the greats. His name and Liverpool’s name will always be linked and he’s a great representative of the club and the city.” - Xabi Alonso on Steven Gerrard

  • Question: If you could bring any previous LFC player back, who would it be and why?
  • Steven Gerrard: Xabi Alonso. Best midfielder I've played with. I miss playing with him.