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Series 3 of Downton Abbey premieres Sunday, September 16 on ITV. (x)
Interviewer: How does it feel playing with your long time friend Gerard Pique?
Cesc: It’s good you know, we don’t see each other much but we talk everyday on the phone. Every morning he calls me and says, “Hey Cesc! How are you this morning? I had a dream about you last night and we were in bed together and everything!”
Interviewer: Does that creep you out at all?
Cesc: Well, that’s just him. We know each other since we were children so that is fine I guess.

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oh my god.

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L M A O “does that creep you out at all?”

HE DOESN’T SAY YES OR NO. he just says it’s fine. prob means yes.

he’s deff afraid of pique’s elephant

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