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Jensen Ackles alphabet: Misha Collins

"I think just working [on Supernatural]… learning what all this stuff means… like cold spots or certain electromagnetic waves or the crackling noises, the dimming lights and stuff like that that we do on a daily basis. This is stuff that is researched by the writers so now, when you’re in a hotel room and it gets really cold and the lights start flickering it’s like, ‘Alrighty! Where’s my salt gun when I need it?’ "

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The Profound Bond’ - A new romantic comedy starring Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins. When Federal Agent Dean Winchester gets paired with an angel as part of the Bureau’s new Human-Angel Cooperation Initiative, the partnership seems less than ideal. Castiel is arrogant, painfully inept in the ways of normal human interaction, and less than stellar at routine questioning. But as time passes, the human and angel begin to find themselves growing less at odds and more endeared to each other. Loosely inspired by aesc’s Below Skyscrapers.